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Studio Design Lead needs a web UI/UX design veteran & a design researcher to lead our team’s efforts. The chosen candidate will work closely with the studio lead and oversee all aspects of the design process—from R&D to prototyping and production. Alongside the skills to develop and maintain a state-of-the-art design system with diverse themes, the ability to manage the wider design team while creating a culture of collaboration and creativity is vital.

We're building a grassroots movement to create technological alternatives to oppressive systems of societal control. Vehemently anti-censorship, anti-surveillance and anti-authoritarian, we support basic human rights via the creation of opt-in alternatives to traditional power structures.

Working closely with experienced activists, our ideal candidate is one who firmly aligns with our political and philosophical ethos. We’re not looking for someone that is just “into crypto/web3” but an individual that lives and breathes cypherpunk ideals and shows a passion for disruption through unconventional means.

About is a creative design studio within Logos. It serves as the organization’s communications hub and is made up of designers, coders, linguists, dreamers and revolutionaries. The department takes a brutalist approach to the creation process, favoring impactful designs over superfluous detail that risks diluting or warping the overall message.

About Logos

Logos emerges from and builds upon the mission undertaken by Status. More overtly political than its predecessor, Logos creates digital infrastructure to emancipate those shut out of global society by oppressive governments, economic circumstances or Big Tech overreach. The collective’s long-term goal is the formation of a network state—a purpose-driven community living within an opt-in alternative system to that of the nation state.

To learn more about Logos, consult this handbook.

Got what it takes? Check the expanded job description, apply and join us.